Camvet Farm Co., Ltd, fully licensed a business company from Cambodian Ministry of Commerce No. CO 0256 KH/2012 and Agricultural Business License from Cambodian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries No. 2315/00015 K.S.K.NNK, is a specialized company in providing veterinary medicine supplier agent for all interested Cambodian farms and local dealers/retail sellers and advertisement promoter for all company suppliers, farm production, land farm matching and others. The company has many specialized staffs who graduated in veterinarian background, pig and poultry farm practical staffs and multi-team of development skills. Our goal is to build growth for Cambodian farms and local dealers/retail sellers through an animal healthcare service provider, veterinary medicine supplier and farm production promoter.

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Office phone: +855 23 640 6927

E-mail: sale@camvetfarm.comĀ