CAMVE TFARM CO., LTD, registered Royal Government of Cambodia no. CO 0256 KH/2012, is specialized company in swine (pig), poultry and livestock care services and supplies veterinary products for household, small and medium farms through our professional staffs of veterinarian graduates, pig and poultry farm practical staffs and multi-team of development skills. Our services and products are high qualified to assist all farm owners and dealers become growth.


CAMVETFARM CO., LTD is to be Cambodia’s leading farm care service and veterinary medicinal product supplier/distributor agent for providing superior service and product for household, small and medium farms—swine (pig), poultry and livestock—and provincial/district towns dealers.
CAMVETFARM CO., LTD is to provide household, small and medium swine (pig), poultry and livestock farms and provincial/district town dealers with the means to benefit their farms and veterinary product selling businesses. By achieving our mission, we have clearly four services and products to care their swine (pig), poultry and livestock health and businesses.